Latest version: 1.0.4 (Feb 7, 2016)


This document contains fan-made material that I wrote some time ago on the French website Le Sanctuaire des Terres Balafrées, translated to English and adapted to the latest D&D 5E license.

Inside you will find:

  • 4 new class features (for the Cleric, Fighter, Sorcerer and Wizard classes)
  • 2 new feats
  • Over 40 new spells (mostly for Wizards) covering all schools of magic, from cantrips to 9th level spells.
  • Around 20 new magic items of all types

Each spell and magic item is presented with a short story to fit it in the Scarred Lands. You will find magic related to the Penumbral Pentagon, developped at the Phylacteric Vault, used by the Calastian Battle-Mages, or even necromantic secrets from Hollow-Faust.

Have fun, and do not hesistate to comment!