Monsters of the Scarred Lands: Constructs

In a part 1 of a (hopefully long) series, I have converted a bunch of monsters from D&D 3.X from various sources, and provided some indications on how to insert them in the Scarred Lands.


You’ll find around 30 constructs, golems, and other mechanical horrors here!


Spells, spells and spells

I just posted an update of my Sanctuary document with a few new spells and magic items. These are the result of conversion and translation from my old “Book of Scarred Might” (for D&D 3.5), published on the French website Le Sanctuaire des Terres Balafrées.

Not everything was converted however. First, I wanted to only keep effects that were relevant in the 5E ruleset. If a spell was just an alternative version of another, it is likely it did not appear here. Also, some effects were gathered, and other were translated into magic items rather than spells.

Same goes for feats and prestige classes, which in some cases have become magic items. This is notably the case for metamagic feats, as I wanted to keep them available to all characters, not just sorcerers.

Finally, the Scarred Lands backstory of most of these spells and items has been rewritten, because “This spell was designed at the [insert arcane tradition here]” is rather boring and does not add anything new to the setting. So in there you will find spells by famous arcanists (Dar’tan, Ganest, Dolomar to cite a few), but you will also find new faces such as the forsaken elf Veberieth, the calastian battlemage Zallon, or the necromancer Timakyss.

Have fun with these, and do not hesitate to comment (including if you find that the game balance is, well, unbalanced).

The document itself can be found here

Scarred Lands D&D 5

A kickstarter campaign has launched for the new Scarred Lands edition! It will include rules for both Pathfinder and D&D 5E.


And with the new 5E OGL, now is a good time to switch back to old material, and publish it again, in English this time.


So behold, Sanctuary, a compilation of my work on the French website Le Sanctuaire des Terres Balafrées, translated and updated to D&D 5E.


The latest version can be found here.


Have fun!